by Michael O’Brien

I’ve been a practicing attorney in Texas for many years, handling all types of cases, from commercial litigation to personal injury. I’ve been one of the lead trial attorneys in national class action lawsuits, successfully gaining multimillion-dollar damage awards for my clients. I was also the youngest judge ever elected to a Harris County District Court bench.

Often in my legal practice, I’ve needed the services of private investigators. The first time I met Rob Kimmons, he wanted to take me outside and whip up on me for being tough on him as an opposition witness. It wasn’t personal; we had lunch, and a great long-term relationship has followed.

I was personally and professionally involved in many of the case stories in this book and can attest that they’re all true and unvarnished. Rob Kimmons is one of the most ethical and effective investigators in the country. His business grew because he turned in results and did so without the unethical conduct often displayed by some of his competitors.

If you’re considering a career in the private investigative arena, you need to read this book. It isn’t a motivational or excitement-building book. Too many of these type books over-galmorize the PI business, making novices believe that they’re going to be cracking big-time cases and leading a glamorous life. However, there are high-profile case stories in the book, and all of them are very interesting or they wouldn’t be here.

There is background information in some of these cases never before published anywhere. These cases reveal some ugly human behavior but also some high-road ethical and case-winning discovery through deep digging and superior investigative skills.

The one thing you will not be while reading this book is bored. These are just a few of the many hundreds of cases Rob’s business handled for me, other Texas and national attorneys, and corporate clients. Some big names are involved, and every case shows us how the justice system and human behavior can clash or harmonize.

Read it; look behind the scenes of justice.