About the Book and Author


PI Revelations: True Celebrity, Political & Cop Case Stories

You might be an avid fan of crime novels, but what’s the true story behind your favorite form of fiction? Author Rob Kimmons brings his decades of law enforcement and PI experience to this collection of authentic investigative cases.

Kimmons shares some of his most interesting encounters, from brushes with the rich and famous to bringing the guilty to justice. The adventures include suing Donald Trump for nonpayment, seizing Mexico’s Air Force One, and many, many more. Ranging from dirty divorces to tracking down killers, the revelations in this book will keep you turning the pages, eager to read more.

PI Revelations: True Celebrity, Political & Cop Case Stories brings the complex world of private investigation to life, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a private investigator, including the perilous highs of pursuit and the ho-hum lows of surveillance.


Rob Kimmons began his career with the Houston Fire Department but soon was lured away by the action and freedom enjoyed by the Houston Police Department, and he joined its ranks as a neighborhood cop. However, as time went on, he realized that police officers were no longer respected and became disillusioned about his work. Rob moved on to the private sector, where he used his investigative abilities and started working as a PI for a firm in Houston, eventually going on to form his own company. This is his first book.